Report of the ITA COSUF Workshop in Copenhagen

On 29 October the private ITA COSUF Workshop was held at the metro Control and Maintenance Centre (CMC). Tailor-made presentations were given for COSUF members on the safe operation and maintenance of both the old and the new metro lines in Copenhagen by experts and operational staff. Visits to CMC and to the new metro construction were part of the program.

In the afternoon a bus drive showed us how the existing Metro is expanded with a new city circle line (Cityringen). The Cityringen circle line is a completely new Metro line con-structed on the same principles as the existing Copenhagen Metro net. It will be a 15 km underground railway under downtown Copenhagen, the "bridge quarters" and Frederiksberg with 17 underground stations. Interest-ing facts about the Cityringen is that it will have frequent departures and operate without a pre-defined time-table, it will take approximately 24 minutes to travel all the way around the circle line. When trains are running in both directions, the longest single trip will take approximately 14 minutes. It is expected to be completed in 2019.

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