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On 6 December 2023 the open ITA COSUF Workshop Digitalisation of tunnels - towards BIM-based operation and maintenance will take place in the Empire Riverside Hotel in Hamburg, Germany. This open Workshop will be free to attend for ITA COSUF members after registration. Non-COSUF members are welcome to register paying a small fee. On the 5 December 2023 ITA COSUF Activity Group Meetings will take place. 

Program: what to expect?

BIM-related operation and Digital Twins are kind of modern buzzwords when it comes the operation of infrastructure in general and tunnels in special. But while certain owners have already developed “master plans” for the implementation and usage of such tools, people still don’t have a common ground what actually a BIM-related operation means, how it is designed, which functions it should incorporate and what kind of functionality a digital twin needs to have if one would like to run his tunnel operation using it. Also the question arises, how such technical approaches may influence the safety of the tunnel user and if – for instance – tunnel operation centers may become obsolete once all operational procedures are carried out using a DT of the tunnel. Does such an approach make things more complicated, especially from an operator’s point of view, or are these tools delivering valuable features and information that eases the operator’s burden on a daily basis?

In the course of the upcoming workshop ITA-COSUF wants to tackle such questions and give an overview about current initiatives and future developments. A group of international expert in terms of BIM-related operation as well as Digital twins will show how the future could (and will) look like and what possible loopholes we have to avoid. We will close the workshop with a round table discussion that gives all participants the possibility to throw in their thoughts and ideas.

Here you can find the program. 

Who should attend?

All tunnel safety professionals involved in design and operation like decision makers, tunnel owners and managers, tunnel operators, emergency response services, designers, tunnel safety experts, safety officers and risk analysis specialists are encouraged to register.

Register now!

Download the Registration Form. The event is free of charge for ITA COSUF members. Not an ITA COSUF member? Then we ask for a fee of €200,-. Besides an excellent event, we offer you a membership of ITA COSUF for a one year period until 2025. The membership grants you to you take part in other ITA COSUF events for instance TSO7  and join the activity groups. Here you can find information on the benefits of being an ITA COSUF member.

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