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Program TSO Forum 2024!

PROGRAM DAY 1 (May 30th)

9.00h: Opening, welcome speeches
9.30h: Keynote presentation by Dr. Nils Rosmuller about the future of firefighting in tunnels
Professor Nils Rosmuller (applied prof Energy and Transport Safety, Institute for Safety, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands) will take us to the future. He'll give us results of his research on firefighter’s vision of the future of road tunnel safety. He'll also give us a view on future firefighting in tunnels.

He's going to share with us answers on interesting questions such as:

  • Where are we now with firefighting and assistance in tunnels?

  • How do we see the future of firefighting and assistance in tunnels?

  • What is the impact on tunnel fire fighting and the way firefighters are operating in the future in tunnels due to changing vehicles, renewable fuels, and evolving fire fighter safety culture?

11.15h: Workshop round 1

A variety of interesting workshops from all over Europe (Spain, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and even Brazil. All the twelve workshops will fit to the theme of the Forum. In each workshop round you can choose between four workshops, so at the the end of the day you've joined three workshops. 

Some workshop titles:

  • 18 Years of road tunnel safety exercises in Germany

  • From road tunnel to cycle tunnel and the emergency planning consequences

  • Relations with emergency services

  • Involvement of fire services in the design phase and during engineering


13.00h: Lunch
14.00h: Workshop round 2 (see round 1)
15.30h: Workshop round 3 (see round 1)
17.30h: Wrap up (and time off)
20.00h: Joint dinner
Discover Lyon by night while enjoying a delicious dinner: join us on the restaurant cruise! Thanks to the support of Lombardi, SETEC and WSP-BG this will be a lovely evening, full of networking possibilities. 

PROGRAM DAY 2 (May 31st)
9.00h: Join one of the site visits. 

In the morning, site visits to two different tunnels in Lyon are organized. More details you can find here!

13.00h: Drop off at a central location, so you can easily reach the airport or train station

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