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7th Edition European Tunnel Safety Officers Forum

TSO Forum 2024 program details!

As you know, the theme of the TSO Forum in Lyon will be: TSO's and their involvement in emergency planning and evaluation, from concept stage through to operations. To get in the mood for the Forum, we'll organize a lunchwebinar at 21 March about this theme. More about that webinar, and about the two site visits in Lyon, in Update #3. More information on TSO7 can be found here.

It's date of the Forum is getting near, so register now!

Best regards,

John Aldridge and Bianca Janssen (co-leaders of ITA COSUF Activity Group 4) & the TSO Forum team:

Christina Kluge, Hélène Mongeot, Kristen Drouard, Dyantha van Rooij, Ben van den Horn

This event is sponsored by Lombardi Ingénierie SAS, WSP BG and SETEC

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