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Register for TSO7 Webinar on Road Tunnel Safety Challenges

To get in the mood for participating in the 7th Tunnel Safety Officers Forum (30-31 May 2024) in Lyon, ITA COSUF organizes a webinar in collaboration with the Dutch Knowledge Center for Tunnel Safety (KPT) with a very interesting programme. Bianca Janssen (Road Tunnel Safety Officer, Rijkswaterstaat) will share her safety experiences in the first year as a safety officer of the Dutch state-owned road tunnels. Laurie Kenny (Road Tunnel Safety Officer, Transport for London) will go into the challenges of new safety risks and hazards caused by electric vehicles. And last but not least Christian Perez (Associate Tunnel Ventilation Engineer, HSM Ltd, AtkinsonRéalis) will share his work in setting up exercises and the effects of human behavior during evacuations. If you are interested to register for this webinar, send an email to Karin Clement (KPT) and we will keep you posted and send a registration link.

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