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Over 120 participants at TSO7 Teaser Webinar organized by ITA COSUF and KPT!

Updated: Apr 9

Animators Ben van den Horn (ITA COSUF) on the left and Harry de Haan (KPT).

On the 21st of March over 120 partcipants took part in the so-called TSO7 teaser webinar Road Tunnel Safety Challenges, A Dutch and UK perspective organized by ITA COSUF in collaboration with the Dutch Knowledge Center for Tunnel Safety (KPT). One of the objectives was to get in the mood for the life event 7th Tunnel Safety Officers Forum (30-31 May 2024) in Lyon. Hereto, John Aldridge (Acitvity Group 4 Leader) pitched the event which led to many more partcipants.  So we are on our way to touch the 120 available seats.

There were some excellent technical presentations. Bianca Janssen (road tunnel safety officer, Rijkswaterstaat) shared her safety experiences in the first year as a safety officer of the Dutch state road tunnels. Laurie Kenny (Road Tunnel Safety Officer, Transport for London) discussed the challenges posed by new safety risks and hazards caused by electric vehicles. And last but not least, Christian Perez (Associate Tunnel Ventilation Engineer, HSM Ltd, AtkinsonRéalis) shared his work in setting up exercises and the effects of human behavior during evacuations. Presentations can be downloaded here. The date of the TSO7 is getting near, so register now!

Best Regards, John Aldridge and Bianca Janssen (co-leaders of ITA COSUF Activity Group 4) & the TSO Forum team:

Christina Kluge, Hélène Mongeot, Kristen Drouard, Dyantha van Rooij, Ben van den Horn

TSO7 is sponsored by Lombardi Ingénierie SAS, WSP BG and SETEC

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