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Program with downloadable presentations

Keynote lectures 

10:15h     Digital operation of bore platforms - possibilities and obstacles, Bernd Gmeiner, Visco

10:35h     Digitalization of tunnels - current developments, Matthias Flora, University Innsbruck

10:55h     BIM in tunnelling - Where we are at?, Florent Robert, CETU

11:15h     Discussion

11:25h     Refreshment Breaks

Digitized Operation of tunnels - current developments 

11:40h    What can be done vs. what should be done, Michel Rives, VIANOVA

12:00h    IoT radio communication in tunnels – state of the art and developments, Jérôme Buquet, SEE Telecom

12:20h    Experiences of BIM applications in Italy, Simone Casa, Finelco

12:40h    Go with the data flow, maximizing tunnel operation and maintenance , Ben van den Horn, ARCADIS 

13:00h    Discussion

13:10h    Lunch

Probable developments - Operation 2.0 

14:40h    Lifecycle costing in operation, Stephan Engelhardt, FH Munich

15:00h    Cancelled presentation due to travel problems

15:20h    Tunnel operation center vs. Digital Twin, Götz Vollmann, RUB

15:40h    Discussion


15:50h    Refreshment Break


Perspectives and Expectations - Roundtable Discussion

16:10h   Part I - In 2030 all tunnels are operated by Digital Twins: pro's and con's, risks and opportunities 

16:40h   Part II - What do we want to achieve with Digital Twin-based tunnel operation? Next steps, road map

17:10h   Discussion

17:20h   Closing 

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